From our patients…

“Just wanted to take a second and let you know how much we appreciated your help in the beginning of this journey. You were such an inspiration and helped motivate me. Everyone we encountered was brought into our lives for a reason. I have not doubts about that, and you are no exception.”

“…you are heaven sent and you make me believe there are still good people in this world. I know God will bless you and your beautiful family in more ways than you can ever imagine.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for all that you have done in such a short time. You are heaven sent.”


Several people have referred me to www.RNCancerGuides.com, an amazing organization based right here in Tampa Bay.  The best referral yet!  Founded in recent years by oncology nurse Susan Scherer, their mission (my words…) is to put patient care back into the equation.  We have lots of good medical care available here, but the patient can easily be left behind as the disease is treated.  Into that breach steps the oncology nurse,with a breadth of knowledge, decades of experience, a personal network of medical professionals on speed-dial, an ability to see the big picture, and the desire to respond to the full spectrum of patient needs as they go through something as awful as pancreatic cancer.  All that, plus warmth and 24/7 availability.  We first met her on Thursday and what a difference she has made already.  No, she’s not a doctor, but her work should make her eligible for sainthood.  Thank you, Susan, for entering my life.  And thank you, Rhonda, among others, for suggesting RN Cancer Guides.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Steve M.

First off let me start by saying that you are amazing! And thank you again. I probably will thank you every time I contact you. I truly am grateful.”  Stephanie H. (Daughter of a patient)


“Thanks a million for all of your help in these very tough times. I am not sure how we would have gotten through it without you.”
Thomas V.


“There is perhaps nothing more frightening to hear than a diagnosis of cancer in your body. Your head reels, you have no idea what to do next, where to seek treatment, what questions to ask. Your head is not clear and you are expected to make some very quick tough decisions, research your options and find a path forward. All the while your mind and body are fighting against you and the clock is ticking. Early on I had the great fortune of being put in contact with Susan Scherer, the owner and president of RN Cancer Guides. Susan personally worked with me on my case. She explained the process, consulted and consoled my loved ones and coordinated my treatments. She knew all the right questions to ask, the resources and people to go to, was available 24 hours a day to answer questions, alleviate my fears and give me encouragement and peace-of-mind. She was always there–attending my critical doctor appointments, at hospital visits, for the start of my chemotherapy and all medical procedures and surgeries. She asked my doctors all kinds of questions that I would not even think to ask. She was always on the other end of the phone when I felt badly, scared or didn’t know what to do. I am now clear of cancer. I cannot imagine what this experience would have been like without her. Cancer is scary. Having a kind and knowledgeable nurse advocate is absolutely invaluable. Susan has been an angel sent to me for which I am so grateful I cannot do justice to it in words. If cancer strikes you or a loved one do not hesitate for one second to call Susan. I assure you it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. ” Bryan H


From Providers…

“RN Cancer Guides is a role model for our healthcare industry – we cannot thank you enough for stepping in to assist our client at a very complex juncture in his cancer journey. You were able to provide the family with clarity during a time of confusion and raw emotion, and answer all of their questions thoughtfully and in a way that allowed the family to move forward with confidence and peace. And you did this on your own time – your time was truly a gift to this family. Your sincerity and compassion to guide others is extremely valuable, and highly commendable.”
-Carolyn Cann, Value Care at Home of Tampa