Patient Solutions


How we work?

Our patient coordinators are available to guide you through the processes of engaging one of our Oncology Nurse Guides. The patient coordinator will provide you with all pricing upfront and answer non-medical questions. Within 24 hours your nurse will contact you for a face-to-face free consultation. You will have the option to choose from one of three packages. Each package has a list of services that are tailored to you. The only additional cost incurred are if you are requesting your nurse to attend more physician visits with you.  Unfortunately, nurses cannot bill insurance companies so payment is required upfront. Payment may be paid by the employer through our ECAP program, a participating primary care provider or through the RNCG Angel Foundation.



Formulate a plan

That aligns with your goals, needs and values.


Educate you and your family

Translate and further explain medical terms.

Research medical data, treatment options and general “care” choices so you feel healthy and comfortable.

Answer questions you have about treatment plan and how you are feeling.


Explain your diagnosis

Tests, treatment options, holistic therapies, chemotherapy, clinical trials, medications, side effects, etc. and help you know all your options so you can have confidence in your treatment plan.


Be by your side

We attend doctor visits and keep all physicians and nurses informed of your status and how your body is responding and feeling. We are a representative for family when they cannot attend visits with you and provide them with a recap of your progress and journey.


Be administrative support

With paper work and coordinating details, logistics and data.

Ensure medical reports, records, results are transferred properly and efficiently to their out of state medical team for seasonal residents or people that are relocating.

Liaison with physicians’ offices and insurance to make ensure your benefits/coverage are working hard for you.

bys-icon Facilitate the financial assistance process to aid with support for prescriptions and manage the affordability of home health care services.