Corporate Programs

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Many companies pride themselves on having a family-like culture within their work environment.  Many companies develop events and programs to deepen relationships between employees and their  families.  They develop programs and invest in various benefits that help employees find a healthy work-life balance as well as cope in times of crisis.  A cancer diagnosis is something most people don’t plan for but as an employer you can plan ahead and have support systems in place for your employees.

RN Cancer Guides offers programs and assistance for companies that want to create a culture of sensitivity and support for employees facing cancer.   In addition to the private patient services, we offer corporate patients an Employee Cancer Assistance Program and Patient Medical Compliance Program.  RN Cancer Guides is a private oncology nurse support and works congruently with all insurance plans.  Call us today and learn how RN Cancer Guides is like having a nurse in the family and someone your employees can turn to throughout their journey with cancer.