Provider Solutions

“Susan and her team helped my patient stay on track to complete a neoadjuvant chemotherapy course, riding through nausea and infection and anxiety events, and to stay on time for a curative-intent surgery, and smoothly into a complete response. She knows her way around the hospital!”

Mayer Fishman, MD PhDprof with med staff

Moffitt Cancer Center Tampa, FL

RN Cancer Guides works in conjunction with all medical providers involved in a patients case. In 2014, RN Cancer Guides formed a partnership with VeriMed IPA to assist their primary practice physicians care for their patients diagnosed with cancer. There are many health conditions that are affected by cancer treatments and it is important to be proactive in preventing ER and Hospital admissions. Patients will continue to have sinus infections, colds, high blood pressure, diabetes and other conditions that can be managed by the primary care. This team approach is a win-win for the providers and especially the patient. Our Oncology Nurse Guides improves communication which in turn improves outcomes.