Our Mission

RN Cancer Guides are specialized oncology nurses committed to providing peace of mind, comfort and confidence throughout your diagnosis with cancer.  We can help you create, understand and manage each step of your treatment plan. You are unique and your cancer diagnosis and treatment should be customized to you.

We act as a liaison for you and your support network with your medical team and healthcare provider.  We are committed to helping you have a better understanding of the complexities of cancer treatments. Our knowledge and relationships with physicians, social workers, therapists, billing offices, pharmacies and community support resources helps you transition more efficiently and confidently through each phase of your treatment.

We currently serve Tampa, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Miami and Orlando.  Our nurses work diligently to remain up to date on the latest in cancer treatment options and alternatives.  It’s imperative that our registered nurses are Oncology Certified (OCN) with many years of cancer experience in their fields. Oncology Certified Nurses must possess in depth knowledge of adult cancer care. They are required to have completed cancer educational courses as well as a minimum of 1,000 hours of adult oncology nursing practice within the two-and-one-half years (30 months) prior to testing for national certification.

Every patient should be confident, comfortable and have peace of mind throughout their diagnosis with cancer.


Our Mission

To provide compassionate oncology nursing to patients and their families through their cancer diagnosis.

RN Cancer Guides