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About RN Cancer Guides Solutions™

Based in Tampa, Florida, RN Cancer Guides Solutions is a specialized team of Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN) committed to providing peace of mind, comfort, and confidence throughout an individual’s diagnosis of cancer. Led by Susan Scherer, RN, BSN, OCN, the firm is built on the belief that everyone should have the one-on-one benefit of a personal nurse to help patients create, understand, and manage each step of their treatment plan.  In addition to directly serving patients and offering provider solutions, the firm works with employers nationwide on strategies for reducing cancer claims costs, managing absenteeism, promoting network utilization, and offering supportive programs and education for managers and coworkers.

Our Approach:

Our approach to patient advocacy and navigation is knowledgeable, sincere, compassionate and honest. We take a collaborative approach when dealing with our client’s providers, family members and supporters.  For a patient dealing with cancer, going through the journey of treatment can be overwhelming, especially considering the following:

  • Maintaining all personal responsibilities as an individual, such as being a wife, husband, father, mother, caregiver, or employee
  • Coordinating your provider appointments
  • Tracking your results
  • Searching out treatment options
  • Researching the most appropriate questions to ask of each provider you meet with
  • Keeping your network of loved ones informed
  • Maintaining communication with your employer
  • Deciding on treatment approaches


Those are just a few things that are placed on the shoulders of a person who is already experiencing an astounding number of emotions, physical obstacles, and decisions. Let our experts help to take some of these responsibilities off your shoulders. Everyone who is a part of RN Cancer Guides Solutions’ founding family has been personally touched by cancer in one capacity or another. We have battled the disease, cared for loved ones, supported friends and family members, and experienced first-hand the benefit of having a nurse in the family. You and your loved ones deserve the same advantage and assistance.

RN Cancer Guides Solutions™
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